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Color Contacts: AirOptix Colors

Color Contacts in Carteret NJ!

Air Optix Color Contacts

Are you tired of your eye color and interested in a new look for yourself? We carry many color contacts at our Cartaret optical, to provide you with a choice of a vibrant new hue, or a more subtle enhancement of your eye’s natural pigment. Optometrist of Carteret EyeCare Associates recommends Air Optix® Colors.

AirOptix is produced by Alcon / CibaVision. They manufacture high quality contact lenses, which are safe and comfortable. Their Air Optix® Colors contact lenses live up to Alcon’s trusted reputation. For “stunning eye color that feels as good as it looks” try Air Optix® Colors from your Carteret NJ .

Colored contacts are made from high quality contact lens material, so your eyes can still breathe when you wear them, allowing you to wear your contacts longer with less irritation. Some other color contact lenses have added thickness and a palpable texture, but Air Optix® Colors have a smooth surface.

Do you need vision correction or are you just interested in the fashion aspect of color contacts? Color contact lenses are available with or without a prescription. Even if you have 20/20 vision and do not need contact lenses to see, you can still change your look with a pair of non-prescription color contacts. Of course, if you do wear prescription lenses, you can get these color contacts customized with your unique prescription for fantastic fashion statement and ultimate vision correction in Carteret NJ.

AIR OPTIX colors Carteret NJ color contact lenses Either way, when you wear color contacts, you want it to look natural, even if the new color is totally different from your natural eye color. Air Optix® Colors contact lenses achieve a perfect balance, blending naturally with the color of your eye by combining three colors in one.

Plus, they are made from the same great material as monthly Air Optix® Aqua contact lenses, so Air Optix® Colors are safe to wear for 30 days.

If you’re looking for color contacts in Carteret, NJ visit us at Carteret Eyecare Associates.

Have you tried daily disposable contact lenses? Ask your eye doctor at Carteret Eyecare Associates for more information at your next eye exam. Also serving the communities of Woodbridge and Rahway, NJ.