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Color Vision Correction with ChromaGen

color blindness in carteret

Color Vision occurs when the cone-shaped cells at the back of the eye detect lightwaves of varying length entering the eye. There are different kinds of cone cells, each responsible for perceiving a different spectrum of colors. Color blindness occurs when some or all of those color-perceiving photoreceptor cells are missing or not working properly.

There are 3 sub-types of color vision deficiencies:
anomalous trichromatism, dichromatism, and monochromatism

Anomalous trichromatism is an incomplete functioning of one or more of the photoreceptor types. Although all three photoreceptors may be present, the patient still exhibits defective color vision. This is the least severe type of color blindness and may go undiagnosed for many years. Dichromatism occurs when only two out of the three color receptors are functioning, so he has reduced color vision. The person may see colors but have a hard time differentiating between red and green for example. Monochromatism is ‘true color blindness’ because the person can only see shades of one color and white. This is the most rare form.

Chromagen for Color Blindness

ChromaGen lenses in eyeglasses use filters to enable the person to see the difference between various colored objects and learn to recognize colors. If you are color blind, you can expect to see improved color vision with ChromaGen lenses by seeing colors and cleare. and more brightly. The lenses enable a person to identify hues more accurately and improve performance on color vision tests. ChromaGen can improve the safety of CVD patients, especially road safety. Police officers, graphic artists, electronic engineers, sign writers, textile workers, photographers, electricians and other fields that require color vision have benefited from ChromaGen lenses.

Color vision may get worse as people get older. Carteret Eyecare Associates Eye doctors can detect color vision abnormalities in up to 90% of patients over the age of 65 due to age related changes in the crystalline lens and retina. There are a special set of lenses designed with the older patient in mind: ChromaGenAging Vision Enhancement Lenses.

All ChromaGen lenses use a new technology that alters the wavelength of colors as they enter the eye, though the concept of filtering to enhance color vision has been known for many years. By selecting the right kind of filtering component that we add to the lens, we can greatly enhance the eye’s ability to discriminate colors. ChromaGen lenses can be put in any frame and made to fit any corrective prescription. Book a consultation today in Carteret, NJ at Carteret Eyecare Associates, located near Woodbridge and Rahway.

We also carry X-Chrome contact lenses for color vision correction!