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How Does Lipiflow Work?

Lipiflow machine for dry eye treatment in Carteret, NJCarteret Eyecare Associates is a full service eye care center since 1975. Dr. Edward W. Harmer, of Carteret Eyecare Associates, is a dry eye specialist who employs various techniques to treat dry eye in West Carteret, NJ, and has recently announced it is now offering a cutting edge new treatment, LipiFlow®, for patients who are suffering from Dry Eye caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

MGD, a progressive disease which affects around 300 million people worldwide, derives from clogged meibomian glands, which produce oil, located in the eyelids. LipiFlow works by unclogging the blocked meibomian glands so they can resume the secretion of the oily lipids needed for healthy tear film.

lipiflow Carteret, NJ eye doctorAs a result of 30 years of scientific research, LipiFlow is designed as an in-office procedure using controlled heat and mile pressure to liquefy and express the contents of meibomian glands. This new treatment is the only FDA approved and scientifically proven treatment for Dry Eye caused by MGD.

Dr. Edward W. Harmer says “I am so excited to now be able to provide the revolutionary new LipiFlow for my patients - patients who are frustrated with all the ways that MGD has disrupted their lives. Conventional therapies, such as warm compresses, over- the-counter wetting drops, ointments, and prescription drugs have failed to provide the relief that LipiFlow offers. LipiFlow is safe and the most effective treatment for MGD available today.”